United Faith Church in Barnegat New Jersey uses God breathed scriptures to “teach, correct and train in righteousness”…one post at a time.

United Faith Church in Barnegat New Jersey is Building with Love Instead of Dollars

Through the example set by Pastors Jerry and Janeth Santiago, United Faith Church of Barnegat New Jersey becomes an exemplary model of how miracles still do happen today for those who give their heart to God. With humble beginnings it is hard to believe that a mere eight years ago, United Faith Church was meeting […]

How do you know if you’re in a cult? – the True Church checklist

Nowadays, the term ‘cult’ is thrown around rather loosely, casually labeling churches and other organizations as cultish for displaying radical characteristics. UPDATE – View the True Church Infographic In this day and age of tolerance, where all things are permissible, the only thing that does not seem to be permissible is unwavering and undivided devotion […]

Freedom in Marriage – United Faith Church Testimony

Freedom for the captives from cancer, poverty, alcoholism, depression, and death. Our family overcame it all and now lives in freedom with a fully restored marriage!  This is a real-life story of my miraculous journey to freedom with the Lord Jesus Christ. The Story My wife and I began our marriage following some really terrible […]

The Bride of Christ – United Faith Church Barnegat New Jersey

Who is she?  What is she? What is her purpose? United Faith Church believes that the Bride of Christ is the Church. The Church consists of all believers and followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. The disciples throughout the world collectively make up the Universal Church, or the “Body of Christ.”  We believe that the Church exists to […]

Not A Stranger – United Faith Church

PASTORS with INTEGRITY??? I FOUND them when I met Pastors Jerry and Janeth Santiago at United Faith Church Barnegat, New Jersey. I have been attending United Faith Church since the day it began, and have been a member since July of 2006. My relationship with Pastor Jerry and Pastor Janeth Santiago goes back even further. It […]

Love Triumphs – United Faith Church Barnegat

“I can’t imagine my life without my bride.” A powerful testimony of a broken marriage restored. We thank our Father in Heaven who loves us with an everlasting love and whose loving kindness is able to triumph over weakness, in Jesus Christ’s name. Amen. Before the Holy Spirit moved upon my life, my time as […]

The Power of the Holy Spirit and United Faith Church in Barnegat

The TANGIBLE POWER of the Holy Spirit is at work in United Faith Church Barnegat, New Jersey. “And you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you…” Acts 1:8 United Faith Church believes and teaches the power of the Third Person of the Trinity.  UFC believes the Holy Spirit is God and that […]

Men of Valor – United Faith Church Barnegat New Jersey

Every Saturday morning for the past seven years, the men of United Faith Church have gathered to pray, worship and enjoy one another in fellowship.  Pastor Jerry Santiago has led this group, teaching the men what it means to be a man of valor. Pastor Jerry teaches that the Lord Jesus Christ gives His people the […]

United Faith Church on Leading Social Networks

Connect with United Faith Church on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and more.  Also visit the comment section of our main website What is United Faith Church Saying? to read daily testimonies, praise reports, and revelations from United Faith Church members. Connect with United Faith Church on Facebook   Connect with United Faith Church on Twitter Connect […]