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Meditation the Key to Success! – United Faith Church Barnegat New Jersey

meditation-united-faith-church-barnegat-new-jerseyAt United Faith Church, we believe that daily meditation on the Word of the Lord is the key to success and transformation in the life of every Christian.

The Importance of Meditation

United Faith Church teaches meditation on the Word of The Almighty is essential in the life of the believer. Meditation is not something limited to a time of silent solitude or the distancing of one’s self from distractions. United Faith Church defines meditation as focusing your mind and heart towards the Word of God at any given place or time.

United Faith Church bases its understanding of meditation on Joshua 1:8 which states to, “Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; Meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it…”  The Lord gave this command to Joshua, a young leader, who was positioned to take Moses’ place. Joshua was coming into his destiny of leading the people of God! This was a significant, demanding position and the Lord, knowing exactly what Joshua would need, gave him the key to success – meditating on the Word of the Lord day and night!

Joshua became a strong and successful leader because he followed God’s command to meditate on His Word. The believers of United Faith Church constantly seek to follow God’s Word in order to successfully bring glory to God, just like Joshua did. As United Faith Church believers meditate on His Word, we are convicted, cleansed, and empowered to do the Will of the Lord.

Meditation on the Word of God

United Faith Church encourages believers to not only read the Word of God, but to also meditate on it throughout the day. Meditation is not simply thinking about the Word but applying the Word to our personal lives on a daily basis, allowing it to renew our minds and transform our hearts. Regardless of the circumstances daily life brings, we are constantly anchored in the hope of Christ through the Word the Lord has revealed. At United Faith Church, we are taught that while meditation on the Word may, at first, be a conscious effort that we make each day, eventually it becomes a second nature as we discipline our minds and hearts to think upon the Word of God.

United Faith Church also teaches that to meditate on the Word of God is to keep attentive to the voice of the Lord. In John 10:4, Jesus explains that His sheep know His voice and when they hear it, they follow. As believers give attention to the voice of God, they are led on His “paths of righteousness.” Believers at United Faith Church learn the importance of both meditating on the Word of God by focusing upon the Scriptures, as well as, the Voice of Jesus that speaks within our hearts.

 The Battle for Our Minds

In the midst of a world and culture that battles for the attention of our minds and draws us away from the Lord, United Faith Church teaches that meditating on the Word keeps our hearts and minds pure, setting them upon Jesus Christ, the Living Word. Whether we are at work, home alone, playing a sport, or even driving in our cars we can keep our minds and hearts fixed upon the Word of the Lord. In the process, we are being transformed by the renewing of our minds and made aware of the Will of God.  As a result, we are empowered as Christians to live victoriously in EVERYTHING that we do.

The Lord spoke His command to Joshua to meditate on the Word as an example for all Christians to follow.  United Faith Church is passionate about making disciples that would courageously follow God just as Joshua did!

Meditation on the Word is also taught in the men’s ministry Men of Valor – United Faith Church Barnegat.  To learn more about the teachings and beliefs of United Faith Church please visit unitedfaithchurch.org.