Dynamic worship is the mandate of the radiant bride. She empowers and equips the disciples, lighting them on fire to flame their passion for the Almighty.

Men of Valor – United Faith Church Barnegat New Jersey

united-faith-church-santiago-menEvery Saturday morning for the past seven years, the men of United Faith Church have gathered to pray, worship and enjoy one another in fellowship.  Pastor Jerry Santiago has led this group, teaching the men what it means to be a man of valor. Pastor Jerry teaches that the Lord Jesus Christ gives His people the courage to stand for God and to teach our families to follow the Lord. “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord” is the motto of these men of United Faith Church who have chosen to walk after the Almighty.  Pastor Jerry Santiago the men of this church are called to lead their families and their communities in the love of the Lord.

The men love the fellowship and brotherhood found amongst one another.  After worship, Pastor Jerry shares a message from the Word to United Faith Church Men of Valor to challenge them further in their walk with the Lord. Many times after the meeting, the men get together and cook for one another or take on a project to complete.  These times are great as young men work alongside the older men and uplift one another.

Pastor Jerry has guided these men through the years, bringing them godly counsel and he has modeled the role of a disciple of Christ.  In a time when customs and commitments are easily forgotten, these men have rooted themselves in God, and have committed their hearts to one another. The steadfastness of the men of United Faith Church in Barnegat to meet for the last seven years stands as a testament that through God all things are possible. It is the unity of the Men of Valor, their covering of the church in prayer, and love that continue to shower United Faith Church with the blessing of the presence of the living God.

To find out more about the men’s ministry of United Faith Church in Barnegat, NJ, visit us at unitedfaithchurch.org